Cast-on Calendar 2023!

Cast-on Calendar 2023!

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My favourite thing is a fresh cast-on, the yarn winding, pattern matching, sitting down with a cuppa and the first few stitches in a beautiful new colourway!

Join me for four cast-ons over the holiday period! A fresh take on an advent knit, at every point along the cast-on calendar you'll open a new parcel with at least one skein of yarn for a bit of delicious cast-on down time during the busy holiday season. You'll soon have four beautiful new projects to love, gift or wear. Colourways will be a surprise and will debut in the calendar! 

Each week will come with pattern suggestions (to be purchased separately) including free pattern options. I'll also include hints for using patterns in your stash with each new yarn or yarns. I'll send you an email with all the pattern links and ideas. We'll be chatting and knitting along every until 2024 and I can't wait to see how these skeins come alive on your needles!

In previous years we have opened each week in December. This year we're trying something new and spreading out the opening dates for more relaxed knitting. With advent knits and mystery gnomes, I often find myself missing all the fun once Christmas has come and gone. So we're adding in a Boxing Day and New Year's Day cast on this year!

Calendar opening schedule:

December 1st

December 12th

December 26th - Boxing Day

January 1st 2024 - New Year's Day

Of course you are welcome to open your yarn all at once, or save it all for Christmas Day! You are not obligated to knit-along, a lot of people like to stash the Cast-on Calendar for those times during the year when they just want to pick up a skein and not have to think about what to knit. 

I am hopeful that Australian parcels will arrive in time for the first cast-on, I'll be getting those out ASAP. However, I won't be posting spoilers anywhere except in the pattern emails so you can join in as soon as your parcel arrives. Shipping begins on Wednesday 15th November.

What's included?

  • At least 100g of yarn per calendar opening, every opening will be different and brand new colourways! 420g grams of yarn total.
  • Curated pattern suggestions and hints, where possible I'll endeavor to include some free pattern options - please note patterns must be downloaded or purchased from the designers.
  • A couple of little gifts from me to you, something for while you're knitting, something to top off one of your knits ;-)

What NOT to expect/FAQ:

Fluffy yarns. No worries if you have an allergy, there are no fluffy yarns this year.

There won't be Christmas colours on the yarn. These are all gorgeous mamawooling style colourways - expect my teeny lovely speckles on some and more than 5 new colours for you to enjoy! I dye the Cast-on Calendar with wearability and beauty in mind.

There is an exclusive product in the calendar that will never be repeated exactly because it was dyed in my favourite freestyle fashion - with love and creativity and zero regard for recipes! 

The calendar will be shipped in my usual recycled courier bags and each opening day will be clearly labelled on the wrapped skeins. I love to keep my wrapped skeins in a pretty basket somewhere to build the anticipation!

Shipping is free within New Zealand $10 discounted rate for Australia, $45 Rest of world.