About Us

Mama Wooling. Is wooling even a word? As it turns out, yes!

1. the fine, soft, curly hair that forms the fleece of sheep and certain other animals. 2. yarn made of such wool. 

Pretty perfect right? In our house though, it's had a different meaning.

Mama wooling is both a noun and a verb. Coined by my eldest son Jackson as a toddler, he referred to anything I'd created, be it knit or crochet, as mama wooling. I have fond memories of his clutching onto a pink cotton dishcloth I'd knit. When it was misplaced he'd ask "Where's my mama wooling?" and he'd snuggle with it every night.

Mama's wooling was also the answer to "what's Mum doing?" - and Mama was wooling A LOT!

Sarah wearing a love note sweater in purple grey
In my Love Note Sweater knit in 2020

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I've been crocheting for over 12 years and knitting about 8, though it took me an inordinate amount of time to work out how to purl!

Jackson, Shanan & Cash
The Mama Wooling support crew

I'm married to Shanan and we've been together since high school - so like, an eon. We have two energetic sons, Jackson and Cash. Shanan and I owned an online toy store together in the early days of e-commerce and his day job is in the same sphere, so he's definitely tech support around here!

I'm the dyer, administrator, shipping department and customer service for Mama Wooling - the boys are in charge of cheerleading and critiquing colourways. It's truly a family business and spontaneous booty shaking dances may occur when order emails ping!

I also love to create stitch markers, sew project bags and have a love for many crafty endeavours. For many years I was involved in the scrapbooking and papercraft world as a designer and blogger and you may have seen my work in magazines or in stores. I've previously spent a lot of time making beaded jewellery back when that was all the rage and had a small but successful business outfitting wedding parties.

I'm passionate about colour, yarn and creating. There are few things I love more than diving into a stash of yarn and coming up with colour combos. I knit a LOT of shawls (too many?) love knitting hats and sweaters and I'm a wannabe sock knitter. Maybe this year!

Mama Wooling has been a dream for the past four years and I'm so excited to be making it a reality in 2021. I appreciate your visit so much and hope you find something that you love.

You can keep up with what I'm knitting and stashing on my Instagram - mamawooling and get peeks at what's happening with the store at mamawoolingyarns. On Facebook you'll find us at mamawooling.

Happy creating!